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a Pet Shop of Horrors Fan Fiction community

9/24/13 09:43 am - psoh_recs - my psoh recs

I updated my recs

4/15/13 11:56 am - bibliophile41 - Scanlation of Sequel?


I was just wondering if anybody knows if a group is scanlating volumes 9 to 12 of Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo (aka "Shin Pet Shop of Horrors").

Tokyopop only released until volume 8 before they went bankrupt. Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you :)

2/2/13 10:27 pm - akuma_no_miyu - Looking for a fic

Hi! I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago and I didn't save it.
Summary: It's been years since the end of the manga. D is send back to Chinatown by his father cause he received some news about the shop still working. He finds out Leon is the new owner and they have a daughter (I think it was a daughter but it can be a son), born from their only night together and grown in a big green egg (maybe XD), so he decide to stay and live with them. Leon has a loyal werewolf as friend and caretaker of his daughter/son too.

I hope someone read this one and can help me u_u

11/3/12 03:04 pm - suryallee - Say you will, say you won't, make up your bloody mind, D! 3

Third part

DomesticCollapse )

11/3/12 02:58 pm - suryallee - Say you will, say you won't, make up your bloody mind, D! 2

Second part of the story
MiseryCollapse )

11/3/12 02:30 pm - suryallee - Say you will, say you won't, make up your bloody mind, D!

This is a story that I currently write on FFN under the same Pen-name as here, Suryallee. I am fairly proud of it^__^
It is still sadly as it is, I am still >German and my errors are still my own !_!
If someone is interested, I have a deviant account, The name everywhere besides on Gaia online is Suryallee, Where I hide my POSH art^^
I hope you will like it ^^

ChapterCollapse )

11/3/12 02:57 am - suryallee - Story-Oneshot Halloween oft Horrors for one Leon Orcrot

Have not posted anything here for a long while. Since I am German and had no Beta for this one I do Apologize in advance. I still hope someone will like this, it was written on Halloween and inspired by the festivity and the history of it. D/L, oneshot, Mystery/Slightly Horror.
HalloweenCollapse )

8/26/12 09:50 pm - mahmfic - Pimp: The Cheering Up Meme!

Need a pick me up? Want to make someone's day?

The Cheering Up Meme!

All fandoms. All pairings. Fic & Art friendly.

5/21/12 09:08 pm - psoh_recs - I updated my recs

I updated my recs

And for those looking for nym's stuff
re-linked for broken link

8/19/11 09:22 pm - nathensslut - Help find a fic

I hope people are still watching this comm. I have been looking for a fic I can not find for the life of me.

D is shot in his shop, Leon rescues him with help of grandpa pa, turns out D is betrothed to dragon by his father who was after something that would give him a lot of power. There is a mother for grandpa D in this, as well as a secret operative that is Leon's cousin.

If you guys help me with this, I will post a story I wrote.... :))

Thank you in advance for your help!
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