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Pet Shop of Horrors Fan Fiction
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This is a community for Pet Shop of Horrors Fan Fiction. Yaoi-friendly of course, and if you don’t know what yaoi, shonen ai, slash, etc. You may be in the wrong place. Not to say all of the fiction here is will yaoi in nature but, please, open minds people.

Any complete PSOH fanfic is welcome in this community. One shots and Chapters stories may be any rating and feature any character(s) from Pet Shop of Horrors. For shorter pieces, (example, under 500 words) I extremely recommend fans go to psohdrabble. Please note: This is not a discussion community. Off-topic posts are not permitted. Teasers are also not permitted. If you have any notes that you want to inform other members about, you may include the in author notes to stories, or let community leader know, but all new postings must be stories.

Chapter Stories To make it easy for your readers to find a pervious chapter of your story please include links to those chapters. This will help new readers who pick up in the middle of a story.

If you run into a problem and find you will not finish your story please let the community leader know. There will be an announcement once a week about story status and current challenges, we'll include that your story is discontinued and after a 2 week all posting for it will be removed. If your not continuing the fic for lack of interest this will allow members a time frame to leave feedback. The goal here is to provide complete fanfiction stories.

If your having problems with writers block, we once again suggest psohdrabble, the challenges can provide a great way to get the ideas rolling again. Also if your posting chapter stories, try outlining your entire story to try and get an idea of where you want to go with the fic, this may help find solutions to anywhere you get stuck. And last but not least, some readers can leave great advice in feedback, as some of your favorite writers for critiques! And keep an open mind with the criticism.

And on that note of feedback. This community has a no tolerance for flames, if your looking for somewhere to vent about how you hate yaoi - go somewhere else. You don’t have to like a story and if you leave feedback you can list why you didn’t like it, but try leave the author with ways to improve and/or things you did like. Useful criticism Please! Also Please review for a story you are enjoying, even if to say keep up the good work! You wouldn’t want a story to stop just cause the writer didn’t know anyone was reading, right?

Posting Format
Each Story should be a new post in the community. Postings should be in the following format:
Title: (If you choose to give it one)
Rating: (Anything over PG 13 should be behind a cut)
Type: (One shot or Chapter #)
Characters involved:
Notes: (Summary, hook, or any other note for readers)
The body of actual story should be behind a cut. If this is a chapter story please include links to pervious chapters. Need to learn how to do this? LiveJournal’s FAQ under the category Journal Entries is a great place to start.

The current rules are always evolving, if you have any suggestions please email them. This community is run by mysticrice. Enjoy.

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